Berlinetta Spares

Using over 40 years experience in racing, machining and engineering, Berlinetta has teamed up with PREKOM parts to develop and supply some of the finest quality components for your Ferrari and Porsche. 

Specialists in rubber vulcanisation and component machining, PREKOM already has an established reputation for the exquisite quality of their components. Coupling this with Berlinetta's racing heritage and the finest grade, Berlinetta's range of uprated parts will transform the feel, performance and lifespan of your vehicle suspension.

Our uprated range of Ferrari parts have been made specifically to target the corrosion and wear issues seen in the early OEM parts - proven not just to outlast but to outperform the OEM equivalents. We initially carried out a rigorous testing programme - taking a range of OEM and aftermarket components and fitting them to a group of vehicles which were then used both on the road and on the track. We then subjected the parts to some of the harshest environments possible, continuing to test strength and reliability over multiple months of endurance testing. After reinvesting our findings into the design and manufacture of our components as well as using the latest CNC technology, we are now satisfied that we offer some of the finest quality updated ball joints, bushings and steering arms available for your 360, 430, 599 and 612. We encourage all enthusiasts considering an upgrade to simply inspect the components for themselves. If you are not suitably impressed and the part is unused, simply return it for a full refund.

Our Porsche components and refurbishment services are aimed at the discerning enthusiast. Cheap pattern parts now flood the Porsche marketplace - compromised manufacturing processes degrade overall performance of these components and inevitably result in premature failures and a vehicle which refuses to handle properly. Berlinetta aim to reverse this trend, offering competitively priced components but only the finest quality and performance.

We utilise our partners own rubber vulcanisation department, and can create the perfect stiffness for our suspension bushes to suit your application. The same department creates all of the rubber boots, ensuring the shore-hardness and design of our boots are perfectly matched to the joints they are designed to protect. The resulting components offer the ultimate protection against water and contaminent ingress and as a result - superior road and track performance and a significantly extended lifespan.

Subject to the most stringent testing here in the UK and at our partner facility in the EU - the confidence we place in our components is such that we include a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty on ALL our suspension parts as standard. We also operate a 7am-6pm UK Customer Service and worldwide delivery on all items.

This embodies Berlinetta's vision of transforming the ease, cost and enjoyment of maintaining these iconic vehicles. Whether you are a specialist car garage or a DIY home enthusiast, insist on Berlinetta Spares - the ultimate upgrade. 


We consider technology, precision engineering and enhanced development to be the backbone of our business. We are always happy to look at the bespoke challenges our clients face - and have facility to create, improve or remake a wide range of components. Simply complete our part enquiry form to see how we can help you. Our staff have real world experience in owning racing and maintaining these iconic motorcars. Get in touch for assistance with technical problems, for help sourcing a particular part or just to chat about all things Automotive! See the Contact Us page for our details.